Sponsored SEO

Sponsored SEO, also called PPC (Pay per Click), consists of positioning itself in the first search results in major search engines, through the purchase of keywords. This SEO strategy is similar to the management of advertising budgets and therefore involves allocating a specific budget. SEO sponsored complements the natural SEO.

Sponsored SEO involves the formula "cost per click". You pay each time someone visits your site from the sponsored links. The total cost of the operation, however, is capped according to the budget you have allocated.

Sponsored SEO involves a participatory approach.

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  • We will define the marketing objectives, metrics, and the budget you want to allocate to the campaign.
  • We will provide a written proposal, including sample ads, keywords, and suggested daily budget and we will submit it for your approval.
  • We will launch the campaign, control and modify it in order to achieve the objectives.
  • We will communicate regularly the results, and we will continue to develop and refine the campaign to increase your return on investment.

Within Webadev, our specialists qualified Google Advertising Professionals manage your sponsored SEO campaigns .