Natural SEO is the set of techniques and activities designed to improve the positioning of a website in search engines permanently.

The implementation of this strategy involves:

  • A good knowledge of research tools and their evolution

    Search engines forbid certain techniques and are able to locate them. The use of prohibited techniques such as cloacking, link farms, doorway can lead to total withdrawal of the website from the search engine index.

    The world of search tools is continually evolving. It is therefore essential to understand these developments in orderto integrate them into the site and thus maintain the site's positioning in the long term.

  • An analysis of customer activity

    Natural SEO strategy involves an analysis of the custumer activity, a segmentation of its markets, of its targets in order to bring the site's structure in line with the customer's offer.

    This analysis will also identify the keywords the most searched in relation with the customer's business and the web users queries.

  • Optimization of site structure

    The structure of a website should be optimized to ensure its predisposition to be properly referenced in the various search engines. The optimization of site structure will take into account, among others, the W3C standards, the HTML code and the use of tags.

  • Positioning follow-up

    The positioning of a site in search engines is something evolutionary. A good position in search engines takes time. It is therefore essential to monitor the position to be able to take the necessary actions

If natural SEO is quite sufficient to position satisfactorily a site in the results of search engines, it may be interesting to accompany it with a sponsored SEO campaign (or "Paid SEO").