Domain name

Domain name

Your domain name is a marketing tool in itself. Image vector of your company, it allows the user to intuitively navigate to the correct website.

This lets you name a website hosted on a server by avoiding a digital display. Without this domain name, you should call a website by its IP address (Webadev:

We provide a comprehensive support for publishing your website on the web.


International domain names

  • Domain name .com

    This generic extension is available for all. It is currently the most used extension for internet websites.

  • Domain name .net

    The .net extension is used for all types of websites.

  • Domain name .org

    The .org can be used today by all types of sites. It is also available in Chinese characters.

  • Domain name .info

    The .info is currently used for all purposes and types of projects.

  • Domain name .biz

    The .biz extension is available for everyone.

  • Domain name .tel

    The .tel extension is the real time world directory.

    This ensures a place in the first general directory, so you can manage all your details and update them in real time, whenever you want. Unlike the existing directory services, highly fragmented and very expensive, the .tel provides effective management in real-time for a much lower cost.

    However, this extension does not allow to use its own hosting.

    For example, we invite you to visit :

The allocation of domain names extensions in .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz is not subject to any restrictions.

National domain names

  • Domain name .be

    The Belgian extension .be is available for everybody.

    The allocation of domaine name extensions in .be is not subject to any restriction.

  • Domain name .fr

    The French national extension is available to all French individuals over 18 years old who live in France, and to corporate bodies registered in France.

    Domain creation is not automatic and must be validated by AFNIC. The domain must follow the naming policy.

    The .fr is also divided into several parts:

    • : Extension that can be used by all as long as the .com is not already used.
    • : Extension set for French individuals.
    • : Extension set for French associations.
    • : This extension is only for French brands.
  • Domain name .lu

    The national extension of Luxembourg.

    For your domain, the domain administrator must be resident in Luxembourg.

  • Domain name .eu

    The European extension is available for all residents of EU countries.