Realization of Intranet and Extranet


You want to leverage web technologies to share data within your company.

In the same philosophy that building a website, develops Intranet platforms:

  • Management Intranet: Integration of management tools
  • Communication Intranet: communication tool
  • Collaborative intranet: a platform for exchange between operational services


Want to share data securely with your partners so they can track the progress of a project, access to specific documents, ...

An extranet is a website on the Internet but accessible after authentication (login and password). Customers or partners, to whom you have given access rights, can connect to your application from any computer with internet connection.

Webadev develops different types of applications:

  • System to order or reserve products and services.
  • Publication of detailed information and documentation regarding products or services offered.
  • Site for project management or communication with your customers or partners.

Giving its customers or partners access to an extranet can bring many benefits to your organization:

  • Retain customers or partners by offering useful services to their business.
  • Expedite the processing of requests from your customers or partners.
  • Save your staff time by eliminating repetitive tasks.