Website creation

You want to increase your reputation, give an image of your business on the net. Webadev assists you in your approach, will guide you through the maze of the Internet and web technologies and offers a solution tailored to your goals and your budget.

Together we will define

The type of site that fits your needs and web users expectations

  • Showcase site for a presentation of your company, your business, an event;
  • Catalog site for the presentation of your products or services;
  • Site with newsletter management and/or form to collect information on clients or prospects or to generate quotations.

Its purpose

  • Let you be known;
  • Increase your contacts and prospects;
  • Create an online store.

Its content

  • The presentation of your business, your products or services;
  • Additional information about your activity to allow a better ranking in search engines.
  • The type of technology
  • Many technologies exist for the development of websites. It is essential to determine the technology that best fits your needs, your desires.

The type of design

  • Based on sobriety so we quickly found your address,
  • Focused on the deed of purchase with an aesthetic highlighting your products or services.

The size of your site

  • The web user is impatient and likes the simple navigation. He wants to quickly get the information he seesk. The ergonomics of the site must meet the expectations of the user. Web sites with a high number of pages will have to be built intelligently to avoid discouraging the customer!